How to make your own handrub

How to make your own handrub

When we are threatened by a corona epidemic or something like that, it may happen, that handrub is completely sold out. So what to do if you want to maintain good hand hygiene? No panic! Just mix it yourself. It is easy as making a cup of tea. And the costs are low. Fortunately WHO has published a recipe on how to produce batches of 10 L based on commonly available chemicals. In the following I have downscaled this recipe to produce smaller portions.

You will get a very efficient and professional handrub!

You are going to need isopropyl alcohol 99% (or denatured alcohol 93%), hydrogene peroxide 3% and glycerine 85% and a small amount of water.

Beware! The concentration of alcohol is VERY high and the solution is highly flammable

  • Mix in a large bowl to avoid splashing or mix in a plastic can with a lid.
  • Keep safe distance to fire and heat
  • Bottle the solution as soon you are done mixing
  • Keep away from children

Here is how to do:

Add the liquids in this order:

  • 500 mL isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol) 99%
  • 28 g hydrogen peroxide 3%
  • 14 g glycerine 85%
  • 126 g cold, boiled water

Mix the ingredients well by stirring and bottle it right away. Use your emptied bottle of alcogel or an empty soap dispenser. The excess can go into the emptied bottle of alcohol.

With this recipe you will get 1 L ready-mixed handrub for a price of 70-80 dkr. (10 €). It can be as low as 4 €, if you use denatured alcohol instead of isopropyl alcohol.

  • 1 L denatured alcohol (ethanol) 93%
  • 49 g hydrogen peroxide 3%
  • 25 g glycerine 85%
  • 126 g cold, boiled water

The percentage of alcohol in recipe #1 is 75% and in recipe #2 it is 80%.

WHO recommends to leave the handrub for 72 hours before using it. This will ensure, that all spores in the liquids and in the bottles will be destroyed. But the “risk” of using the handrub right away cannot be high.


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